ACT at Infusio: Months 11 and 12 (and GUPTA)

I spent 5 days at Infusio (Frankfurt) on 5th to 9th February 2018 to have a follow up appointment and ACT.

The new location of the Frankfurt clinic is pretty spectacular – it is on the 12th floor of a building with amazing views across the city.  They have a no shoe policy, so we all wore slippers.  I was one of 4 people in my group doing ACT that week. They sat us together in one room so we could bond with each other and support one another.

On day 1, we did blood tests to work out where our key markers were at. We also met with Dr.Yvonne, the scientist who prepares the ACT for us and got to ask her any questions we had on the cells and the process. We also did the GD scan. Mine showed that my lymphatic system was not flowing and this was putting pressure on the rest of my systems.  It also showed high environmental toxins.

My blood tests showed that my white blood cells were in perfect range at 7.7 which is excellent.  Unfortunately, my red blood cells had dipped a bit since the venesection I had, so Infusio boosted this for me with an EPO injection. One other thing that came up was high copper in my blood which Infusio could not find an explanation for, so I will explore this with Shawn Bean. I did a lipid panel as well which came back as normal which is good news.

The really good news was that my T4 and T3 are now in range again and my thyroid antibodies were below the threshold meaning that my Hashimoto’s is now in remission. Yay! I am taking 1 grain of Nature Throid and 75mcg of T4 to get this balance (it has been a trial and error process!).

On the day of the ACT, the nurse drew 14 tubes of blood in the morning at 9am (we had to make sure we ate first and were well hydrated). We then came back at 2pm to the clinic to have the ACT put in through an IV drip.  Dr.Yvonne told me that they managed to harvest 3-4 x the normal amount of cells for me (which meant my drip ran more slowly than the others).  Infusio had tailored my ACT for me so that most of these were anti inflammatory cells to help with my neurological brain symptoms and fatigue.  About an hour after the drip, I began to feel weird and like I was stoned/high which was very surreal. I got back to my apartment and ate a lot of food which seemed to help and it wore off after a few hours.

The next day I felt back to baseline (if not a bit foggy/tired) and went to the clinic to do some IV treatments.  The last day at the clinic was the same.  In terms of treatment, I had injections into my lymph nodes that were swollen so that they would drain to help my lymphatic system.  I also had an IV for the lymphatic system.  I also had an Intracell IV to balance PH in the body and to open up the cells for treatments.  And I had 2 days of NAD at 100mg to help with energy as this helped me so much previously when I did this in London.  On the last day I had some clear and bright moments and flew home feeling positive and on the right track to full healing.

Back home

After I got home I quickly became very unwell. This lasted a full 7 days and I ended up in the hospital for a day to check nothing was seriously wrong – luckily it wasn’t. I was vomiting daily, having spasm like symptoms with uncontrollably shaking, doomsday like panic, shooting sensations all over my body, periods of being unable to communicate, extreme nausea and inability to regulate my body temperature going from freezing cold with a low temperature (of 35) to a high temperature of 38.

My body is in a highly sensitive state right now so I react very violently to any treatments I have it seems so I don’t know if this was purely a result of the ACT or the treatments combined.

In the second week post ACT I was no longer violently unwell, but still experiencing a severe increase of neurological symptoms – fatigue and increased sleepyness (needing to nap), anxiety, depression, dizziness, difficulty with focusing my vision and difficulty concentrating and pain in my neck. Also mouth ulcers and acne have increased (perhaps from stress). I don’t want to be negative or put people off but I am feeling quite traumatised and saddened by this whole experience and I need to work on recovering mentally from this as well as physically. By the end of the second week I was feeling closer back to regular crappy but my energy and concentration is low – I can’t stop yawning.

In the third week I was returning more back to baseline – I was able to function and work from home and go out of the house now and then to see friends (not as much as I was doing in months 7-9 after the NAD).  I still feel very sleepy and have my neuro brain issues (vision, tinnitus, brain fog) and weird pain/nausea in my stomach.

Month 12

A month after ACT, I started feeling better – my stamina increased and I could generally get a lot more done. This was great and I was super happy as finally it feels like the inflammation is clearing and the ACT is doing what it is designed to do.  I was back to 60-70% well.

However, I had a very stressful situation happen in my personal life and that brought me into another crash towards the end of month 12.  The crashes I get happen when I have exposed myself to a situation where I could have picked up a bug.  That coupled with stress and exertion always ends up in a flu type situation. My body lets in these bugs and then responds with what I call “total wipeout”.  I cannot get out of bed and I feel like I have the flu but without the runny nose or cough and my neuro symptoms worsen.  Luckily the worst of this only lasted 2 days this time (whereas before ACT it could last a full 2 weeks) so that is progress.

I need to get out of the boom and bust cycle which keeps causing me to crash – I start to feel better then do too much and get stressed and crash again.  This is why I am starting Gupta as I think it will help me keep calm.

At the end of month 12 I have stabilised again – I am feeling ok and functioning but feeling very sleepy and tired and having stomach aches and nausea if I eat histamine foods.  However, overall, this is much better than before the ACT.

I will soon be starting Shawn Bean’s recommendations of omega patches, CBD oil,  sunflower lecithin and an electrolyte drink containing natural vitamin C, electrolytes, sea salt, L-Carnitine and creatine to help methylation.  All of this is designed to lower neuro inflammation and get the histamine out.  I will also start a histamine scavenger too.

Current supplements/treatments include:

  • Zinc-L-Carnosine to close cell membranes
  • Toxaprevent to bind to histamine
  • Glutathione IVs for detox
  • Dandelion Root for lymphs
  • Calcium D Glucorate 1000mg for hormone detox
  • Myomin for oestrogen detox
  • Milk thistle for liver
  • Uva ursi for kidneys
  • Weekly lymphatic drainage massages


I have started the Gupta Brain retraining program in the hope that this will help me cope better and give the stem cells some extra help in doing their job and to calm my anxiety.  So far, this consists of 2 x 20 minute meditation videos per day and weekly webinars to watch with some exercises to do, such as visualising being well and writing down negative thoughts contributing to stress around the illness.

The second week incorporates a seven step process to stop negative thoughts and anxiety around the illness.  The program wants us to practice this 5 times in the morning each morning so it is ingrained into our thinking.

Every week there is a live webcast that talks us through how we should try and think about our lives and be kind to ourselves to get out of stressful thinking patterns.  It is sort of like a very involved mental health therapy with a lot of techniques that you practice every day.  I think the program is excellent and I can’t wait to have more time to focus on on it properly.