Celebrities with Lyme Disease

I am including this page as a reminder to everyone that Lyme disease does not care who you are or if you have everything going for you!

I also think that when celebrities speak about their suffering, the public is more likely to become compassionate towards people who have this disease. Some of these celebrities have chronic Lyme and some caught it early without a return to symptoms.

  1. Avril Lavigne
  2. Alec Baldwin
  3. George W. Bush
  4. Kelly Osbourne
  5. Martine McCutcheon
  6. Yolanda Foster
  7. Bella Hadid and Anwar Hadid
  8. Matt Dawson
  9. Shania Twain
  10. Rebecca Wells
  11. Amy Tan
  12. Christie Brinkley
  13. Ashley Olsen
  14. Daryl Hall
  15. Ben Stiller
  16. Debbie Gibson
  17. Neneh Cherry
  18. Jamie-Lynn Sigler
  19. Kathleen Hanna
  20. Richard Gere
  21. Parker Posey
  22. Karen Allen
  23. Jane Alexander
  24. Christy Turlington
  25. Jennifer Capriati
  26. Alice Walker
  27. Michael J. Fox
  28. Pete Seeger
  29. Peter Sarsgaard
  30. Gary Player
  31. Tom Seaver
  32. Nick Esasky
  33. Bill Chinnock
  34. Phil Bredesen
  35. Irene McGee
  36. Pete Harnisch
  37. Tim Simpson
  38. Crystal Hefner
  39. Matt Dawson