Recovery: Working with Shawn Bean (months 11-14)

I did a Dutch panel that came out with my cortisol all over the place again and I also realised I was hypothyroid again on 1 grain of Nature Throid, so I decided to book an appointment with Shawn Bean who is functional medical practitioner who specialises in genetics, hormones and lyme/mould disease. What I liked is that he is willing to work with stem cell patients to help them get the optimal results from their treatment.

Shawn has got me to order some more testing to find out what is going on including the Organic Acid Test (OATS), Mycotoxins test for mould by Great Plains, Ceruloplasmin, copper, vitamin D 1,25 vitamin D 25 OH and a Lipid panel.

Shawn also believes gene mutations are an important part of healing. He said these didn’t exist, say 5 years ago, but due to environmental toxins they are now becoming an issue. He believes I may have been exposed to mould first which lowered my immune system and the lyme came later.

Comments and recommendations from my first appointment:

  • He thinks my high cortisol is due to low thyroid, so the first thing to do is to increase that. He said that thyroid meds should be 30-40% higher than what says are optimal on blood tests to make sure the body is absorbing enough.  Therefore I should stop adrenal supplements due to high cortisol being due to low thyroid.
  • He has told me to reduce calcium D glucorate to 1000mg a day as this may reduce oestrogen too much otherwise and can deactivate thyroid meds and the contraceptive pill.  The contraceptive pill can also reduce the efficiency of thyroid meds within the cells.
  • He has told me I have an electrolyte deficiency and has told me to drink 2 litres a day of a special electrolyte drink.  He could tell this by my Dutch test. He has said that this can be a common cause of brain inflammation.
  • Iodine deficiency may also be an issue for me as I live in London where there is iodine reducing pollution.
  • He has recommended to take Zinc carnosine instead of the form of Zinc I was on (which can deplete copper and manganese levels). This form of Zinc he recommends helps to close the digestive tract lining and is good for leaky cells.
  • As glutathione is clearing up my acne, Shawn thinks it would be good to continue IVs of this, but that the OATs test will show more.
  • My genetics show I would have a negative response to SSRIs, but need to work on GABA/glutamate to improve sleep quality.  The ways to do this would be lipsomal GABA, CBD oil or Frankincense oil.
  • He said that I would most likely respond well to ritalin for my OCD symptoms due to my genetics.
  • Take takesumi binder daily
  • Stop infra red sauna mat until hydration with electrolytes is under control
  • I should stop Reishi mushroom as this can be too stimulating for the immune system.
  • My acne could be due to a B5 deficiency.
  • I should use magnesium spray at night.
  • I should be taking digestive enzymes with meals.
  • Stop kefir as this could be feeding SIBO

Other basics (I do not plan on doing all of this as some of these things are very expensive and I actually do not believe that restricting my lifestyle even more is going to be key for me for healing – I live in London and cannot avoid EMF exposure and I cannot live in a bubble.  I want to put my main focus into the Gupta program. But in case you are interested this is what he suggests and I have coloured the ones I am going to do): 

  • Work on clearing lymphatic by rebounding, homeopathic lymphatic, sweating from
    exercise, skin brushing
  • Lux lamp 10,000 – 15-30 minutes first thing in morning (no more then $75)
  • Check to see when the last time your air filters in the car as well as the engine have
    been services. For people who may drive a lot in traffic specifically stop and go may
    be at higher risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Suggest a salt lamp -6- 8 inch by computer (because it looks pretty) 
  • Looking at dehumidifier – 45% best to reduce mold growth
  • Suggest a to follow a gluten, soy and dairy free in order to help prevent any further
    inflammation potentially making pre-existing health conditions worse
  • Reduce exposure of EMF by placing cell phone on airplane mode and plugging it in
    to an outlet 5-10 feet away from your body. While the phone is on airplane mode it
    can still be used as an alarm clock.
  • It would be suggested to keep computers 15 feet away from your body and not to
    charge them in your bedroom while you are sleeping.
  • It would be suggested to put your wi-fi on a timer while you are sleeping to reduce
    the EMF exposures through out the house
  • Check to see if there is a circuit breaker located on the same side of house of where
    the bedroom. The circuit box can be located up stairs or down stairs in relationship
    to the bedroom.
  • It would be highly suggested to check to see if is a high voltage box or wires running
    next to or inside the bedroom. These can cause huge disturbance in the immune
    system as well as melatonin levels resulting in sleep and other health issues.
  • to help reduce light exposure at night time if on the
  • to-stimulate-
    your-vagus- nerve/
  • Tapping
  • Shower purifier with a Rainshower Crystal Satelitte Shower Filter
  • Clean drinking water –

What my OATs test explained:



  • 8 – representation of a corn fungus. Do not eat corn (the reaction may not be instant). Avoid anything corn fed. The body might be responding to it as gluten. 
  • SIBO is present. 
  • 16 – shows past food poisoning. 
  • 11 – shows gram negative bacteria – e.g. Ecoli or H-Pylori. 
  • No parasites.
  • Babesia – under control
  • 10 – usually due to e-coli, gram negative bacteria. This impacts metabolism of oestrogens.  So phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification is altered – usually phase 1 is fast and phase 2 is slow.  Auto fumes – I may have issue with this.
  • E1,e2,e3 – low = showing I am taking too much myomin.  
  • Acne – testosterone was elevated vs oestrogen – this could be a reason for acne. Reduce androgens through 5 alpha reductase inhibitor. Could also be due to b5 deficiency.
  • Creatine  levels are low – should be at 90 and I am 21 showing methylation is off.
  • Lactic acid high – reason for post exertional malaise. Usually zinc or coq10 deficiency.  Use a fatty acid patch with all the omegas in it (by passes digestive tract) – 3 per week (Monday, Weds and Friday) – also contains a good antioxidant and choline and coq10. Sadi Roberts (in lyme groups) is a distributor of these).   Start off ¼ patch, next time ½ patch, then 3/4. If there is any inflammation just pull it off.  This should help bring up cholesterol. This bypasses. 
  • Succinic – can tolerate glutathione. increase to 1200mg and even up to 2g. Do this once a week. If you slow the drip rate down of a 250mg bag you will tolerate it better – slow it down. 
  • Heavy metals look ok.
  • 30-32 – neuro inflammation looks high. The receptors are super sensitive.
  • 35 – walking on eggshell people – very touchy.  Also leap before they look.  Food poisoning marker inhibits the enzyme that breaks down 33-34. This is why I am not sleeping – brain is running a marathon.  Also marker for magnesium deficiency and low cortisol (not metabolising cortisol due to low thyroid).
  • Quinolinic acid – not too bad.  But this is where I would do well with CBD oil. May respond better liposomal. Indica better for sleep – peaks every 4-6 hours. Normal doses are 9 squirts a day but can go higher and pulse it every 3-4 hours.  This may help with inflammation. 
  • Melatonin is normal.   
  • 40-41 – low folate levels.  Folic acid as an IV form. 
  • Pascorbin (vitamin C IVs I was doing) – find out if it is corn based – call company.
  • Paracetamol and ibruprofen – they work to reduce neuro inflammation. Not a long term solution – but if there is a therapeutic response, we can work on more after this. 
  • 60 – cell membranes – leaky cells, leaky gut, leaky brain. Egg deficiency. Choline (not a B).  This leads to non-alcoholic fatty liver. If this isn’t taken care of then cellular gap junctions are not going to be locked.
  • 61 – due to taking paracetamol.
  • 68 – gas fumes, petroleum etc.
  • 75 – bone density (because I am not working out, endocrine, magnesium deficiency).  Eat one avocado every day.  Need to incorporate more omegas.  Cholesterol is low – not absorbing fats properly.  Do hemp seeds – 1-2 tablespoons 3-4x a week.