Recovery: Months 13-14

Month 13

At the beginning of month 13 I had another crash similar to the experience I had after ACT where my nerves felt like they were misfiring – intense nausea, bells palsy, arms and legs feeling like jelly, extreme fatigue, panic and feeling very emotional and needing to be in bed and rest. This seemed to have happened after eating foods high in histamine. I rested for 3 days and ate a very plain low histamine diet and the symptoms subsided.

I then started the histamine scavenger (Histo X by Apex) and I started the DAO enzyme. The histamine scavenger is designed to slow down the production of histamine and help your body break histamine down – I take this 3 times a day with food. The DAO enzyme should be taken 20 minutes before each meal and helps your body to break down histamine when you eat.  After starting both of these things my nausea went away and I generally felt a bit more stable.

I started the PHP histamine scavenger (which has very similar ingredients to Infusio’s histamine scavenger) but reacted severely to this. Within minutes, I felt panicky and dizzy and extremely sleepy. I spent the next 2 days feeling like my nerves were misfiring again with intense brain fog, my vision wouldn’t focus and I felt weak and wobbly. I will not be trying Infusio’s version of the scavenger. I think the suspect ingredient may have been Pine Bark.

I am still struggling with my immune system – I feel like I am constantly fighting something. I always either have a sore throat or headache like I have a cold/virus and even had tonsillitis symptoms this month (swollen tonsils with white spots on them). I don’t know what is causing this. Shawn Bean believes I may have a strep infection that I need to treat with antibiotics so I will get this blood test done. I am also ordering a virus panel, CD57+NK by Armin, E-Coli stool test and SIBO Test.

At the end of month 13, this virus issue peaked and I got what originally felt like a severe flu, but after 3/4 days I started vomiting. I then woke up the next day screaming in pain feeling like a pin drop was a bomb going off in my head and unable to look at the light. I was taken to hospital in an ambulance and given painkillers and sent home when they found out it was a virus from blood tests. However, I have been referred to an immunologist and neurologist to check that nothing else is going on. Month 13 – not a good one!

Month 14

I decided I need a plan to work on healing as I was feeling so lost as to what to do. So here is my new healing plan:

1. Test for SIBO.  Then work on SIBO with antibiotics and then work on leaky gut repair with Oliver (he is a functional doctor at the London Clinic of Nutrition and a gut expert).
2. Get a test for KPU (as per Bijan’s request) and address that if I have it – ask Oliver for treatment options as I cannot handle the B vitamins that are used in Infusio’s approach.
3. Continue to address vitamin deficiencies with Shawn (but may not need an appointment with him for a while as I have a lot of suggestions from him I am already doing).
4.  I saw a neurologist who tested me and found weakness in my left vestibular caused from nerve damage from the lyme.  I have been recommended physiotherapy to strengthen this part of my brain to try and balance things.
5. Try and introduce saw palmetto or another similar herb to reduce my male hormones to balance hormones.
6. Go on a panchakarma retreat in India for emotional healing and also this will balance my body and detox after the SIBO treatment.
7. See a therapist for anxiety and acupuncture alongside this.  Also continue with Gupta program.  Emotional healing is very very important to get well.
The hope is that doing all these things will help balance my body and my immune system will start to normalise.  If all these things don’t help or only help mildly then I will consider another round of SVF at month 17 or 18.


Supplements and treatments:

  • Calcium D glucorate 1000mg for hormone detox
  • Myomin 750mg for oestrogen detox
  • Electrolyte drink for adrenals and methylation (real sea salt, natural vitamin C amla powder, electrolytes to aim for 450mg of potassium daily, coconut water, creatine).
  • AMPK Activator (from Infusio’s home program for cell energy)
  • Dandelion root for lymphs
  • Uva ursi for kidneys
  • Milk thistle for liver
  • High dose evening primrose oil
  • Omega/antioxidant patches twice a week
  • Glutathione IVs weekly (1200mg)
  • Optimal PC Phospholipid Complex as a source of choline and protecting cell membranes
  • Histamine scavenger for histamine breakdown
  • DAO enzyme for histamine breakdown
  • CBD oil for neuro inflammation and to reduce glutamate
  • Toxaprevent – binder for histamine
  • Lymph massages