Recovery: Months 15-16

Month 15

At the beginning of month 15 I started 14 days of Rifaximin to treat hydrogen SIBO which was at 105 points at the highest level on the breath test. I did 550mg x 3 times a day and added partially hydrolyzed guar gum.  The first 2 days were tough and I had an increase of brain symptoms and anxiety.  However, then things got easier. About day 7 I had some severe bladder pain as a side effect but this also passed after a few days.  I had stomach aches but no real changes in bowel function, but I didn’t have many symptoms like bloating anyway.  All in all, the two weeks were much easier than I had expected.

When I finished the antibiotics, I immediately started an anti microbial herbal blend given to me by my lyme practitioner in London at the London Clinic of Nutrition. I also added in Biocidin with this.

After stopping the antibiotics and starting the herbs, I noticed a lot of positive improvements – I seemed to have a lot more energy and stamina.  I also felt like my immune system had calmed down a bit from the constant string of viruses I was having.  I also had better brain clarity which was great and stopped waking up in the night with intense vertigo.  Overall, I would say I jumped 20% in improvements and was functioning at about 65% well.  This was really great progress.

I kept taking my other regular supplements in this month and didn’t change much up. I also went to a therapist to work on the PTSD caused by this disease and did weekly acupuncture.

Month 16

I had a heavy metals test (Oligoscan) at my lyme practitioner’s office in London. It showed high in Lead, Aliminium and Silver.

I then went back to Infusio at the beginning of month 16.  The GD scan also confirmed that metals were still a big issue for me – I thought this was interesting as this is the only thing I had not worked on yet.  It also showed I need to work on my gut (which I already knew) and that my liver and lymphatic system needs some work. Also, I need to work on supporting my adrenals and endocrine system (which I also suspected).

I was in the clinic at Infusio for 7 days where I did detox work with them – they gave me IVs for liver, lymphs, heavy metal chelation, NAD, magnesium and calcium and choline for my nervous system.  Overall, it was a positive trip to find out what I still need to work on.  Also, looking in the active toxins on the GD scan there was absolutely no borrelia or co-infections on the scan which is very encouraging.

I had a dip when I got home due to the trip being intense and catching a virus when I was there – I think it was a lot for my immune system.

When I got home, I saw a gastro who retested me for SIBO and did an X-Ray of my colon to look to see if this was not emptying properly.