Recovery: Months 7-8

At the beginning of month 7 I stopped all my supplements for a week.  In the week I stopped, I felt I had improved clarity and energy, so I realised I was reacting to the Keltican.  I then went on Natura Cell Guardian (which contains DIM) for my acne and this set me back again with increased brain fog, vision issues, sleep disturbances and fatigue so I had to stop this. My body is very sensitive post stem cells, so I started taking a much more cautious approach to supplements in case anything made me worse.

Other things are that I noticed this month is that my mood is changing quite a bit. 4 days before my contraceptive pill pack was due to finish I experienced PMS symptoms of irritability and feeling wired.   I have had also had an increase in OCD type symptoms some days, as well as increased paranoia and depression.  Overall, this month is tough so far.   I have spent many days in bed with intense fatigue and vision problems, feeling like I am regressing. Everything feels very grey and difficult. The chronic thirst is also back.

I put all my supplements on hold and then added them back in one by one to see what I could handle.

My diet remains the same – paleo (with a lot of fish and veg, plus maca and collagen powder in my morning smoothie) and occasional oats and dark chocolate.  I also eat dairy occasionally as I do not react to this (and my 23 and Me came up that I was lactose tolerant – woop!)  I am being cautious with the maca as I am not sure if it is causing nausea.


Towards the end of month 7 (23rd October 2017) I am starting NAD therapy for 2 weeks at a Bionad clinic in London (10 sessions in total). NAD helps the mitochondria function, acts as a brain detox and provides energy to cells which should result in positive changes to mood, fatigue and neurological symptoms. The cost for 10 days is £5,000.

Day 1: I did 250mg in 1 hour 45 minutes and then 15 minutes of laser. I think this was a bit fast as I had chest pains that felt like wheezing and heartburn for the rest of the day so will slow it down tomorrow.

Day 2: I woke up after a very good sleep (with lots of dreams which apparently is a good thing as it means the brain is healing). I felt the same as one of my “good days” where I feel 50% well. I had better concentration and generally felt slightly lighter and less like I am about to keel over and fall asleep.

Days 3-5: These were quite tough. I had severe headaches in the back of my head (the classic lyme headache) and very blurry vision and extreme fatigue. I had to lie down in the clinic to get through the IVs.  I also felt very nauseous and like I was heavily detoxing.  It was not fun.

The weekend (28th-29th October): I had the weekend off and managed to get back to baseline by Monday.

Days 6-10 (30th October – 4th November): Days 6 to 10 went much better. I did the IVs more slowly and generally felt more energised.  On some days I had slight detox symptoms again, but not as bad as the previous week. I managed to do things after the clinic every day that week and had the stamina to do it.  My neuro symptoms were still bad but my energy was improved.

The weekend after (4-5th November): On the Saturday I woke up with a migraine (in the back of the head again) and felt tired and nauseous all day. On Sunday this was gone – I didn’t feel amazing, but less bad than Saturday.  I am carrying on the NAD with a nasal spray.

Information on this:

Here are some videos explaining NAD:

At the beginning of month 8, after the NAD I had a much better week in terms of stamina. I was able to work 4 days from home an 1 day in the office, see friends every evening and even manage a HIIT workout.  I had a couple of glasses of wine too without a horrible histamine reaction which was great.  I am still having to nap most days and am feeling pretty tired, but the fact that I have been able to push through the symptoms and do all this is good news for me.

Towards the end of month 8 my stamina has remained better and I have been able to do much more and continue to work 4 days from home and 1 day in the office. However, I have had increase in dermatillomania symptoms (OCD type symptoms).  I am also noticing how weak my immune system feels – I have sore throats on and off and always feel like I am fighting something.  I would say I am now stable at 60% well.

For the rest of the month, I am going to focus on:

  • Gentle detox (takesumi supreme binder, infra red sauna, glutathione IVs and epsom baths)
  • Hormonal & liver support (Calcium D Glucarate, evening primrose oil, castor oil packs on the liver)
  • Lymph support – Dandelion root extract
  • Kidney support –  Uva Ursi
  • Gut issues – Core probiotic (SIBO friendly)
  • Immune and energy support with Myer’s cocktails (without B vitamins) + oral Zinc.
  • Brain detox & mitochondria support – NAD nasal spray, CoQ10 IV


In my supplement basket I have the following things. I will probably come back to some of these but am trying not to take them all at the same time:

  • Dandelion root – resumed no issues 
  • Corebiotic probiotic – SIBO & histamine friendly – added back in with no problems
  • Zinc picolinate by Thorne – added back in with no problems.
  • Takesumi Supreme – a gentle binder that does not cause constipation.  No issues with this.  Taking once daily.  
  • Calcium D Glucarate (3000mg) – I have added this in as a replacement to Natura Cell Guardian.  No side effects from this.  
  • High dose evening primrose oil – I have added this in with no problems for hormonal support.  
  • Collagen powder by Great Lakes – I have been taking this consistently for a year. I had a 3 week break to see if this was making my skin worse as I have heard for some people it can.  
  • IV Plan – I have stopped the B vitamins in my plan as my levels are too high now and I am having symptoms from taking B vitamins. I am continuing with the other IVs. 
  • Digestive enzymes and Betaine HCL & Pepsin – on  hold
  • Reishi mushroom – on hold
  • Fulvic minerals – on hold but will resume for viral killing next month
  • Colostrum – on hold
  • Herbal blend for acne including: nettle roots, nettle leave, oregon grape, magnolia, burdock, milt thistle, saw palmetto, shisandra – on hold
  • B12 injections – I have stopped this due to an intolerance to B vitamins
  • NAD Nasal spray – this is making me feel tired and spaced out in the mornings so I am experimenting with a lower dose. After experimenting, I realised this was making me feel worse, so I have stopped taking this. 
  • Natura Cell Guardian/Pure DIM Detox – for liver support and oestrogen dominance (Calcium D-glucarate flushes out excess oestrogen and DIM converts bad oestrogen into good oestrogen). Since starting this I had an increase in vision problems, brain fog and fatigue so had to stop taking this.
  • Keltican – I have stopped this as it was making my brain fog worse, probably due to the fact that the B vitamins in this are not methylated forms.  
  • Endotrim – I have decided to stop this as I believe my weight gain is simply to do with not being able to exercise and possibly oestrogen dominance. 
  • Chi Energy for adrenals – I stopped this as Bijan said one bottle was enough 


I got my cortisol results back and they showed that my levels are normalising, but still high in the afternoon and evening.  Pre Infusio, my cortisol was high throughout the day. I am hoping with this, it will continue to level out as healing continues. Bijan recommended to take omega 3 in the afternoon and meditate to help bring this down.

Here is the before (in January 2017):

coritsol 1

Here is the after (in September 2017):

coritsol 2

SIBO Plan:

As I am still experiencing stomach issues.  I have been debating whether to try a herbal killing protocol for SIBO, but have noticed significant improvements in my stomach so at the moment, I am continuing with my SIBO friendly probiotic and seeing what happens. I will add in saccharomyces boulardii at some point soon and try to add in Restore and colostrum, but possibly after 9 months as I feel I should get through the neuro healing phase first.

There is also this plan for chronic fatigue which looks interesting:

Updated Model and Treatment Suggestions