Treatment Options

  1. If you are lucky enough to get a positive test on the NHS they will offer you 2-4 weeks of doxycycline, which is not sufficient to eradicate Lyme and all the co-infections UNLESS it is treated soon. If Lyme disease is diagnosed in its early stages, within the first 30 days, it can usually be treated successfully with antibiotics – the longer the course the better.
  2. I would obviously recommend Infusio in Frankfurt, Germany to treat you for Lyme disease.  However, it comes at a cost of around €27,500 excluding accommodation so it is not an option for a lot of people.
  3. Other routes include finding a functional medical practitioner and treating herbally.  The London Clinic of Nutrition has great success with Lyme patients.  The cost here comes with all the supplements you will need to buy.  For me, when I was a patient, including regular appointments it was working out at around £300 a month (maybe more as we added new things such as an infra red sauna mat).
  4. Breakspear runs a clinic which offers private treatment for Lyme disease.  This is more expensive than the London Clinic of Nutrition and has mixed reviews.
  5. Antibiotics – if you go down the antibiotics route, make sure you are also supporting your immune system.  You cannot get better just by eradicating bacteria.  It needs to be a pronged approach, erasing bacteria as much as possible and working on the immune system. Many doctors think that once you have Lyme, you never fully get rid of it, so your immune system needs to be strong enough to keep it in remission. This is tricky because antibiotics wipe out more of your gut flora and therefore your immune system (80% of which is in the gut).  Be careful if you go down this route – you need someone who knows what they are doing so make sure you find a Lyme Literate Doctor who also knows about breaking down biofilms, rotation and pulsing.  There are many in Europe – Germany, Ireland (ask the UK Lyme group about Dr.L), Spain etc. Jemsek clinic is thought of as the best in the US
  6. Cowden or Buhner herbal protocols.  You can do these yourself at home if you follow the protocols.
  7. US Treatment – the US has many Lyme disease centres but it will cost you. Dr.Klinghardt is the most famous Lyme Doctor.
  8. Also Horowitz
  9. There are other stem cell clinics in the US, Europe, India and in Mexico which treat Lyme disease. Villa Medigrun is a similar clinic to Infusio.  Dr.Malan in the US also does a similar treatment approach with stem cells.
  10. Low Dose Naltrexone – whilst this is not a cure in itself, it has helped many people recover quicker from Lyme disease.  The mechanism is not fully understood but it is thought that it boosts your immune system.  You will need to get a GP to write you a prescription and then send this to Dixons Pharmacy in Glasgow.
  11. Cyprus Ozone Clinic – using ozone therapy has become a popular Lyme treatment. There is a clinic in Cyprus which offers a Lyme program using this treatment.